About The Asian Flavour

Bringing In World Class Dining Experiences.

At The Asian Flavour, we understand the essence of personalized service that helps us take care of you in all ways possible. We believe in finding the right balance between luxury, style, comfort, service and your happiness. Because for us, everything matters.


The Asian Flavour mission started with bringing in world class dining experiences to Bhubaneswar and indulge the discerning Bhubaneswar in international standards of cuisines and hospitality. Our mission has now evolved to include creating our own concepts positioned as casual dining and high volume eatery restaurants where we combine exceptional food quality and exemplary service in an ambience of indulgence.


For The Asian Flavour to be a leading player in the hospitality industry providing exemplary service and exceptional dining experience thereby commanding loyalty of guests and respect of guests and investors alike.


Integrity - Commitment, Ethics, Trust, Discipline, Truthfulness, Honesty.

Inclusion - Collective Buy-In, Courtesy, Thankfulness, Peacefulness, Patience, Forgiveness, Balance, Faith,Trust Worthiness, Compassion, Humility, Care, Respect, Gratitude.

Excellence and Equality - Quality, Orderliness, Grace, Tact, Justice and Service, Modesty, Helpfulness, Timelines.

Entrepreneurial Spirit - Creativity, Sacrifice, Determination, Courage, Wisdom, Assertiveness, Tolerance, Joyfulness, Perseverance, Steadfastness, Passion, Ownership.

Empowerment and Accountability - Authority, Responsibility, Reliability, Decision making, Moderation Performance and Reward Enthusiasm, Perfection, Diligence, Reward, WelfareLearning and Development Understanding, Introspection, Acceptance.

Meet Our Team

Santosh Kumar

Head Chief

Self-motivated, goal-oriented professional with over 16 years’ experience working as Chef specialized in South East Asian Cuisines like Thai, Laotian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese and all day Dining Restaurant with luxury brand like the Taj group of hotels and resorts, Carlson Rezidor hotels, Hilton hotel and resorts, Windham Hotel and Resorts and upscale brand like Lemon Tree Hotels

Ajay Kumar

Our Manager

Highly efficient and customer-oriented operation manager with 12 years experience in food and hospitality environments. Adept communicator with team leading and development skills. Forward thinking multi-task capable to analyze situations, withHilton hotel and resorts, Windham Hotel and Resorts and upscale brand like Lemon Tree Hotels.